About Shay Seaborne, CPTSD

Shay Seaborne, CPTSD, former tall ship sailor turned trauma awareness activist-artist.

Former tall ship sailor turned trauma awareness activist-artist Shay Seaborne, CPTSD has studied the neurobiology of fear/trauma/PTSD since 2015. She writes, speaks, teaches, and makes art to convey her experiences as well as her understanding of the neurobiology of fear, trauma theory, and principles of trauma recovery. A native of Northern Virginia, Shay settled in Delaware to sail KALMAR NYCKEL, the state’s tall ship. However, she was disabled from serving as crew due to the deep harm she experienced in the medical-psychology system after she asked for help with recovery from severe Complex PTSD.

Shay was sucked into a trauma-generating machine when she entered the mainstream Western healthcare system. In the halls of corporatized medicine she encountered providers who wouldn’t listen, didn’t care, didn’t understand her condition, prescribed dangerous medications without appropriate protocols, and were even willing to intentionally abuse her to make money off her condition. The maltreatment was so outrageously barbaric and harmful that she decided she must do what she can to raise awareness and stop the abuse of trauma survivors.

The sailor became a Trauma-Awareness Activist-Artist. She paints watercolors about her experiences as well as the neurobiology of trauma. She also works in ceramics and mixed media. Shay started the #TraumaAwareAmerica initiative to spread awareness that PTSD is a neurophysiological condition caused by the entrained firing patterns of the subcortical brain, particularly the amygdala, and that nearly all mental health conditions can be traced back to Developmental Trauma, and we can heal ourselves and each other through awareness, understanding, and safe connection.

More about Shay and her work:

Website: shayseaborne.com
Facebook Page: Trauma Aware America
Facebook Groups:
Trauma Aware America Group
Patients for Trauma Awareness
Instagram: shayseaborne_cptsd
YouTube: Trauma Awareness with Shay Seaborne, CPTSD

DISCLAIMER: This is not medical, psychological, pharmaceutical, or legal advice. The contents of this site represent Shay Seaborne, CPTSD’s lived experience and understanding of the neurobiology of trauma through study and experiences.


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