Harness the Power of Connection and Community

Harness the Power of Connection and Community. As human beings, connection and a sense of belonging are essential for living and thriving. Sadly it’s not always easy to get these needs met – or not optimally. Enjoy this short video to learn:

Why are connection and community so fundamental, and what elements are necessary to create safe connection?

What are the differences between fitting in and true connection?

With a little basic information, we can all share the magic that Interpersonal Neurobiology brings to communities where we feel safe and secure to be ourselves.

Imogen and I co-teach Foundations of Regulation, an online course for people dealing with trauma and chronic stress.

About Shay Seaborne, CPTSD

Former tall ship sailor turned trauma awareness activist-artist Shay Seaborne, CPTSD has studied the neurobiology of fear / trauma /PTSD since 2015. She writes, speaks, teaches, and makes art to convey her experiences as well as her understanding of the neurobiology of fear, trauma theory, and principles of trauma recovery. A native of Northern Virginia, Shay settled in Delaware to sail KALMAR NYCKEL, the state’s tall ship. She wishes everyone could recognize PTSD is not a mental health problem, but a neurophysiological condition rooted in dysregulation, our mainstream culture is neuro-negative, and we need to understand we can heal ourselves and each other through awareness, understanding, and safe connection.
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