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Unveiling the Dark Side of Healthcare: Navigating the Corrupt System and Seeking Justice

Abusers are attracted to medicine and psychology because the culture gives them easy access to multiple victims and protects them from accountability. The “behavioral health” system benefits much by keeping us coming back for more crappy therapy and ineffective medications … Continue reading

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“The Intersection of Public Safety and Mental Health,” a Public Safety Meeting Presentation

Last night, for the first time in many years, I spoke in public. This was at a local public safety meeting coordinated by my State Representative, Larry Lambert, a fine human being. Also present were representatives of our local first … Continue reading

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America’s standard treatment for childhood trauma: more abuse and neglect

If you had “good enough” parents you were blessed with a fairly regulated nervous system, integrated brain, and secure attachment style. These contribute greatly to a sense of well-being from which health arises and a good life can unfold. If  … Continue reading

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