Unveiling the Dark Side of Healthcare: Navigating the Corrupt System and Seeking Justice

Abusers are attracted to medicine and psychology because the culture gives them easy access to multiple victims and protects them from accountability.

The “behavioral health” system benefits much by keeping us coming back for more crappy therapy and ineffective medications for anxiety, depression, and PTSD. We’re so taxed by trying to survive and figure our way out of Behavioral Health System Hell that we too often don’t have the resources to even complain.

Complaints Require Resources

Many people I know had terrible experiences and lacked the wherewithal to file a complaint in part because they knew it would likely be fruitless. This has been true for me many times. It takes a hell of a lot of resources to make a complaint. To even file it. And then what the system puts you through…

It’s like you’re up against the whole domination system on your own. Maybe you can have an advocate for a day or an hour, but that’s about it. It’s you, alone, against corporate interests, insurance companies, and laws and culture that offer great protection to the abusers who choose to roam the halls of medicine.

Administrators and Licensing Boards Do Nothing

Most of the big physician sex abuse cases revolve around the fact that they got away with it for years or decades because administrators and licensing boards did nothing. Nothing! They do more if a doctor is addicted, incompetent, etc. than if he is a serial abuser.

Sexual predators get away with the most for the longest. They wreak the most deep and lasting harm on their victims. But serial sexual abuse by those in positions of power and charged with our care is okay in our “health care” system.

Layers of built-in protections for sexual predators. 
It ain’t about health and it ain’t about care.

Both NewYork-Presbyterian and Northwell Health, where Paduch still works, were warned of the abuse but failed to investigate the complaints or take appropriate action against the doctor.” WHY? Because the power structure protects those in power over their victims. We deserve far better.

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About Shay Seaborne, CPTSD

Former tall ship sailor turned trauma awareness activist-artist Shay Seaborne, CPTSD has studied the neurobiology of fear / trauma /PTSD since 2015. She writes, speaks, teaches, and makes art to convey her experiences as well as her understanding of the neurobiology of fear, trauma theory, and principles of trauma recovery. A native of Northern Virginia, Shay settled in Delaware to sail KALMAR NYCKEL, the state’s tall ship. She wishes everyone could recognize PTSD is not a mental health problem, but a neurophysiological condition rooted in dysregulation, our mainstream culture is neuro-negative, and we need to understand we can heal ourselves and each other through awareness, understanding, and safe connection.
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